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Chunking, connecting, repetition, limitation and happy accidents......

One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to trust your gut.
    The subconscious is way smarter than the cluttered self-aware conscious mind, and will make superior decisions in most situations, especially creative endeavours.
    It's my assertion that the vast majority of creative analysis; In truth an exercise in retrospective pattern-searching, of psychometric archaeology if you will, is the discovery of choices and relationships that often occurred at the subconscious level in the mind of the creator, rather than, as is often though, conscious decision making intentionally applied.
    What do i mean?
    My contention is that many, but of course not all, of the choices made during the the creative process are subconscious, and not actually consciously intentional, or even apparent to the creator 'in the moment'.
    When creatives talk about 'flow' this is what they mean; an extended period of time where the conscious mind steps-down, yielding co…

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