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Painting can be a lonely process, hours of solitary work at your desk (or easel) diligently bringing that image in your head into reality. If left unchecked the less occupied parts of the mind can wander, like an unruly child disrupting the class, they can hamper the proceedings if left to their own devices.       In earlier times artists employed poor but literate children to read novels aloud to them as they worked in order to alleviate these tendencies. Today these diminutive orators have been replaced by electronic counterparts in the form of youtube, spotify, podcasts and audiobooks etc.
    One of my long standing favourites is hppodcraft A podcast begun in 2009 to discuss with literary fiction of the author H.P. Lovecraft, that has since expanded beyond the original brief to cover the wider 'weird fiction' authorship and at the time of writing runs to over 360 episodes. Chad and Chris have a great rapport and and easy, irreverent and entertaining style, and the sub…

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