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Hey! how are you? welcome to the Blog of The Brave
Ok so, this is my first Blog post......ever.
And so it looks like I've come a little late to the Bloging game. But as my dear departed mum used to say 'Christian you're always late starting everything, but you're always good at it once you get going'. well i'll take that and run with it. Thats mums for you, faithful and loving if a tad blinkered by that love, but its as it should be, i for one would not have it any other way.

ok enough sentimental waffle, now for some art;

here's one i made yesterday (17th Jan 2012)

I'll be adding a bunch of older stuff here soon. and building the ongoing Journey as it comes into being.

you can check out some of my other works at my business website @  -


  1. Hi Christian,
    Your layouts are awesome. Really cool composition and colour!

  2. Your work is inspirational, thanks for sharing!


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