Smoke Break

   This painting is part of a series I'm playing with off and on when the mood takes me, maybe it will morph into an actual project at some point but for now its just about designing WW2 tech-level kit and placing it in scenes with soldiers for fun - I guess I'm heavily influenced here by the wonderful Ian McQue, but also by Ron Cobb (concept artist on Alien), and Cam Kennedy (2000AD artist on Rogue Trooper etc) if you dont know them tcheck them out , they are both absolutely brilliant artists and in particular as innovative yet realistic hardware designers.

   The painting combines many of my favourite things; Mountains, bullet-proof off-road vehicles (I drive a 1992 Nissan Patrol) smoking  (but i gave up in 2014) catching a sun-tan and that WW2 diesel-punk feel...... you know? when technology was about oil and horse-power, not touch-screens and gigabites.
   Oh but its mostly about just making a piece of art for the joy of creating something that's exactly what you want to make at that moment, working out the composition and rendering it in the style you love most, and learning something new in the act. :)

CB 19.4.17


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