Doug and Caroline.......

    You've got to love those old Doug McClure Monster Movies from the 1970s, right?
    'The Land that Time Forgot', 'At the Earths Core' etc, all classics in the B-movie tradition.
Yes they've not aged well production values wise. The FX not so much practical as comical really. But they have a certain atmosphere, a naivety maybe? A certain look-and-feel, a certain personality that, dare i say it, may be lacking in much of the modern movie fair.
    Maybe it's the age talking, and the nostalgia, but i can't help but love them flawed as they are.

    My dad took me to the cinema to see 'Warlords of Atlantis' when i was 8 or perhaps 9 years old. That part where those giant monsters attack the city astounded me, poor as it looks today, to the 9 year old me it was epic stuff, and I spent the next few weeks avidly drawing vicious bespiked monsters on the rampage.
    And i guess i never really stopped.

    The below piece is by way of an homage to Doug and Peter Cushing and Caroline Munro and the rest. and to Frank Frazetta, whose style it hopes to ape in part, and to one or two of my contemporaries (Yun Ling being the man that springs to mind) whose ostensibly loose painting style intrigued me enough to have a stab at it.

    I hope you like it.
Who do you think is going to get out of this one with a whole skin?  :)



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